Road Construction

KCL has completed several prestigious projects including part of India’s first national expressway between Ahmedabad and Baroda (part of the Golden Quadrilateral project). Currently company is having more than 15 road projects in hand which demonstrates the execution capability of the Company in Road construction segment. KCL has executed Runway projects at Bhopal for Airport Authority of India New Delhi.

KCL has executed 15 Road projects funded by World Bank and two projects are funded by ADB. Presently KCL is executing two major road projects funded by World Bank.

No. Name of Project Client Name
Project1 Widening and Strengthening of Lunawada – Khedapa Road (Lunawada – Santrapur Road SH-002 Km.130+010 to 163+800) and (Santrampur-Khedapa Road SH-152 Km 0+000 to 22+689). State Road project Division, Vadodara
Project2 Widening & Strengthening Eru char rasta - Hansapor - Abrama - Amalsad - Bilimora Road coastal highway Km. 4/8 to 26/0, District Navsari Navsari ( R & B ) Division
Project3 Widening & Strengthening of Bhiloda Chithoda Pal Vijaynagar Road ( Km 0.00 to 36.00) R & B Division, Himmatnagar
Project4 Widening and Strengthening of Atkot - Gondal Road Km 209+862 to Km 245+486 (SH-001) and Rehabilitation of Atkot Paliad Road Km 151+200 to 167+000 (SH-001) State Road Project Division ,Rajkot
Project5 Widening of Botad Turkha Rangpur Asalpar Road (MDR) Km. 1/50 to 21/40 Taluka : Botad., District: Bhavnagar. R & B Division, Bhavnagar,
Project6 Regrade & Resurface of Differents roads of Diffrent Ward Dy.C.E-1 in New west zone. AMC New West Zone, Bodakdev
Project7 Regrade & Resurface of Differents roads of Diffrent Ward Dy.C.E-1 in West zone AMC West Zone, Usamanpura
Project8 Regrade & Resurface of Differents roads of Diffrent Ward DY.C.E-3 in West zone. AMC West Zone, Usamanpura
Project9 Regrade & Resurface of Differents roads of Diffrent Ward DY.C.E-2 in West zone AMC West Zone, Usamanpura
No. Name of Project Client Name
Project1 Widening to four lane to existing road of NH8A Between Km. 105/00 to 120/00 to 135/00 National Highway Division, Rajkot.
Project2 Completion of Balance of works of Ahmedabad - Varodara Express Way Phase I (Km 0.00 to 43.4 Km) National Highways Authority of India, Ahmedabad
Project3 Improvement of Riding Quality from Km 58/3 to 61/4 of NH8A job no 8A/GJ/2002/287 National Highway Division, Ahmedabad
Project4 Widening the existing two lane carriageway to four lane divided carriageway in reach km 33/3 to 58/3 including strengthening of existing two lane of NH8A (Job No.08 A/GJ/2000/260) National Highway Division, Ahmedabad
Project5 Periodic renewal of Naroda -Sampa Road Km. 4.800 to Km 29.00 Contract No. RMC-GSHP 21 State Road project Division, Gandhinagar.
Project6 Periodic Renewal of Link to Vanthali- Jamnagar Road (K.M. 78.5 to Km. 98.00) State Road project Division, Rajkot.
Project7 Routine maintenance , Horticulture maintenance & other Engineering improvement, accident management , monthly fixed fee mode for Toll Collection of Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway Phase I in the state of Gujarat. Ahmedabad-Vadodara Express Co. Ltd. Ahmedabad.
Project8 Repair and Rehabilitation of SH-55 Radhanpur -Mehsana Road (Km 72.00 to Km 92.80) and Sh-41 Mehsana city Road (k.m. 70.60 to Km 76.20) GEERP-RMC-14 A State Road project Division, Gandhinagar.
Project9 Repairs and Rehabilitation of Bhuj - Khavda Road (Km 30.00 to Km 70.00 ) GEERP-RMC-25 State Road project Division, Gandhinagar.
Project10 Periodic renewal of Sampa -Harsol Road Km. 23.00 to Km 51.00 Contract No. RMC-GSHP 22 State Road project Division, Gandhinagar.
Project11 Periodic renewal of Harsol - Dhansura Road (Km. 51.00 to Km 73.20) Contract No. RMC-GSHP/23 State Road project Division, Gandhinagar.
Project12 Repairs and Rehabilitation of SH- 20 Surendranagar - Dhrangadhra Road (Km 0.00 to Km 32.40) GEERP-RMC-16 State Road project Division, Gandhinagar.
Project13 Repairs and Rehabilitation of Surendranagar Sami Road Km 4/0 to 92/0 GEERP-RMC-17 State Road project Division, Gandhinagar.
Project14 Repairs and Rehabilitation of Khambhalia - Dwarka Road (Km. 145.000 to 176.00) and (km 187.0000 to 216.000 )EERP-RMC-24 State Road project Division, Rajkot.
Project15 Strengthening of SH-25, Falla- Jamnagar (Km. 63/891 to Km. 78/830) and Jamnagar- Khambhalia (km. 94/106 to km, 144/993) and Paving of Shoulders. State Road project Division, Rajkot.
Project16 Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Vidisha-Korwai SH - 19 in M. P (project road no.11) under MPSRSDP Phase-II Pkg -5 MPRDCL, Bhopal
Project17 Extension and Strengthening of Runway, Strengthening of isolation Bay and Associated works at Raja Bhoj Airport Bhopal Airport Authority of India, Bhopal
Project18 Strengthening in Km.64/13 to 77/91 (Dabhan- Nadiad - Uttarasanda - Bhumel Road) of NH-228 (Dandi Route) in State of Gujarat(Job No.0228/GJ/2008/469) National Highway Division, Ahmedabad
Project19 Widening & Strengthning of Veraval- Sutrapada Kodinar Road, Km 31/750 to 42/000 R & B Division, Junagadh
Project20 Rehabilitation and upgradation of Bargawan to Bedhan Road Project (old Sh-06), Dist Singroli Total Length-27.6 Km. (Km.161.800 to Km 189.400) Package-16 MPRDCL, Bhopal
Project21 Upgradation of Ankleshwar Valia Netrang Road Km. 20/0 to 43/0 ( Under Pragatipath Yojana) R & B Division, Bharuch
Project22 Construction of four laning from Km. 36.600 to Km. 64.000 on Nagpur-Hyderabad Section of NH-7 in the state of Maharashtra Contract Package No. NS-22(MH) National Highway Authority of India ,Nagpur
Project23 Periodical Renewal to Km. 85/8 to 100/0 (Up & Down Lane) & Km. 100/0 to 115/0 (Up & Down Lane) & Km. 171 to 181/925 (Up Lane) & Km. 171/0 to 175/6 (Down Lane) of N.H.8A Section Bagodara – Bamanbore National Highway Division Rajkot
Project24 Strengthening to Chhaida Paliyad Botad road. K.M. 24/600 to 34/450 and 37/00 to 45/850 by providing 50mm. B.M. and 25mm. thick S.D.B.C. Bhavnagar(R &B) Division
Project25 Widening and strengthening of Barwala Sarangpur Botad Road ( SH-118) Km 0/0 to 17/0. Ahmedabad (R & B) Division
Project26 Work of Widening & Strengthening to Sarkhej-Dholka-Vataman-Pipli-Dholera-Bhavnagar Road Km. 133/2 to 168/8 (Short Route)) Gujarat State Road Development Corporation Limited
Project27 Contract No. KSHIP-II/STG1/ICB/WEP5-Upgradation of Road from Chowdapura (km 0+000) to Gulbarga (km 28+630) of SH-22. Karnataka State Highways Improvement Project (KSHIP)
Project28 Widening & Strengthening of Kodinar Velan Kotda Road Km 0/0 to 22/0 R & B Division, Junagadh
Project29 Widening and Strengthening of Bagodara Nalsarovar Road Km. 0/0 to 26/2. Ahmedabad (R & B) Division,
Project30 Improvement, Widening & Strenthening Bavla - Rupal - Begva Road Km 0/00 to 22/8 and Widening, Strenthening and Furnishing Simej Koth Gangad Kalyangadh Lagdana Baldana Road Km 12/7 to 22/7 and 22/7 to 29/2. (Package) Ahmedabad (R & B) Division,
Project31 Widening and strengthening of two lanning Gadhada Ningala Rohishala Muldharai road. S.H. No. 117 K.M. 0/0 to 35/0. Section K.M. 0/0 to 32/0 District Bhavnagar. Bhavnagar(R&B )Division
Project32 Widening and strengthening of two lanning Gadhada Adtala Lakhanka Khopala Dhola road. S.H. No. 31 K.M. 0/0 to 32/0. Section K.M. 0/0 to 25/0 District Bhavnagar. Bhavnagar(R&B )Division
Project33 Gujarat Solar Park - 1 at Charanka, Ta. Santalpur, Dist. Patan Joining to Santalpur Dhokavada Charnka Road, Renovation Work { 16.000 Km.} R & B Division ,Patan
Project34 Improvment of Palitana – Talaja road SH No. 31 KM 0/0 to 35/0 District Bhavnagar. (Under Pravashi Path) Bhavnagar(R&B )Division